Drug Development Services

Cardiac Toxicity Testing

ICBC offer early screening services to evaluate the activity of new drugs on the potassium ion channel encoded by hERG, and the sodium ion channel (NaV1.5). These tests provide an indication of the cardiac toxicity profile and are carried out under physiologically relevant conditions.

Panal A shows the recording protocol employed to study hERG. Panel B shows a typical record from a dose response for 5 concentrations of the known hERG channel antagonist Cisapride. The summary data for 6 cells is shown in panel C. Plotted are the mean normalised currrent amplitude ± SEM for each drug concentration . In this example Cisapride shows an IC50 of 7±1nM. All experiments were conducted at the ICBC and all data shown here is proprietaryto ICBC.

 Graph of hERG liability testing

Analytical and Drug Development Opportunities

ICBC is interested in providing analytical services (e.g. partnering on drug toxicity testing) and drug
development collaborations (e.g. testing of ion channel drug candidates); including advancing internally
generated intellectual property by commercializing potential drug candidates. These drug candidates could
be advanced through a spin-out or spin-in company or through partnerships with established local industry.





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