About us

ICBC is the commercialization arm of the Smooth Muscle Research Centre at Dundalk Institute of Technology, Co. Louth, Ireland.

ICBC represents the largest group of researchers investigating the control of ion channel and smooth muscle function in Ireland and the UK.

ICBC represents:

  • Cross-functional teams of more than 20 scientists with experience working with industry
  • Expertise in physiology, pharmacology, channel cloning and mutagenesis, organic and medicinal chemistry
  • Extensive research and commercialization infrastructure including laboratories for electrophysiology, confocal microscopy, intracellular ion imaging, synthetic chemistry, molecular biology, whole tissue set-ups and tension measuring equipment and equipment to enable intracellular electrode recordings.
  • A core competence in immunohistochemistry and staining for specific targets
  • Internal development of cell lines and assays for specific ion channel targets, including hERG liability testing
  • Knowledge and infrastructure that can be mobilised for collaborations with drug and veterinary medicine companies, equipment, instrument and device makers in both academia and industry settings

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