Victoria Cagney

Email: info@icbc.ie

Victoria CagneyMy interest is in the cellular mechanisms of penile erection, specifically the involvement of calcium in this process. My research uses laser scanning confocal microscopy to image how calcium events in isolated smooth muscle cells from the corpus cavernosum are altered by modulators of ion channels. The corpus cavernosum is specialized sponge-like tissue that fills with blood in response to changes in intracellular ions and modulation of cellular pathways important in this tissue. The techniques I use can also be adapted to look at calcium events in whole tissue slices. I also use isometric tension recordings to observe how the tissue contracts and relaxes in response to these same modulators. This is important as the tone of the corpus cavernosum determines if the penis is in the erect or detumescent state, and by better understanding the mechanisms associated with muscle tone, more effective drug therapies may be developed. I completed my BSc at University College Dublin, and am currently working toward my PhD.


McCloskey C, Cagney V, Large RJ, Hollywood MA, Sergeant GP, McHale NG, Thornbury KD, 2009. Voltage-dependent Ca(2+) Currents Contribute to Spontaneous Ca(2+) Waves in Rabbit Corpus Cavernosum Myocytes. The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

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