Quality Statement

ICBC is committed to supplying its customers and partners with innovative products and services that conform to their requirements and specifications, agreed upon before any work begins. Our objective is always to meet or exceed expectations.

We operate with the following drivers:

  • A strong commitment to quality
  • Recruitment and retention of high calibre, experienced and well trained staff and researchers working in teams led by PhD level scientists
  • A culture of continuous improvement
  • Operating within the strict legal guidelines and the accompanying guidelines adopted by the Dundalk Institute of Technology and appropriate ethics committee(s)
  • Ensuring appropriate documentation, procedures and controls in place
  • Ensuring laboratory notebooks are maintained according to good practice, in hardback form with double sign off
  • Risk assessment and safety practice worksheets are maintained and regularly updated
  • All employees are governed by confidentiality agreements

Our policy is regularly reviewed internally and by our external Management Steering Committee which is composed of industry experts from a variety of different backgrounds in the life sciences.

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