Recent Publications

Novel excitatory effects of adenosine triphosphate on contractile and pacemaker activity in rabbit urethral smooth muscle. Bradley E., Kadima S., Drumm B., Hollywood M.A., Thornbury K.D., McHale N.G. and Sergeant G.P. (2010) J. Urology 183(2): 801-811

Voltage-dependent Ca2+ currents contribute to spontaneous Ca2+ waves in rabbit corpus cavernosum myocytes. McCloskey C, Cagney V, Large R, Hollywood M, Sergeant G, McHale N, Thornbury K (2009) J. Sex. Med. Aug 17 [Epub ahead of print]

Spontaneous Ca2+ waves in rabbit corpus cavernosum: modulation by nitric oxide and cGMP. Sergeant GP, Craven M, Hollywood MA, McHale Ng, Thornbury KD (2009). J. Sex. Med. 6(4):958-66

Modeling flow in collecting lymphatic vessels: one-dimensional flow through a series of contractile elements.Macdonald AJ, Arkill KP, Tabor GR, McHale NG, Winlove CP. (2008) Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 295, H305-13.

Role of mitochondria in modulation of spontaneous Ca2+ waves in freshly dispersed interstitial cells of Cajal from the rabbit  urethra. Sergeant GP, Bradley E, Thornbury KD, McHale NG, Hollywood MA (2008).  J. Physiol. 586(Pt19): 4631-42

Spontaneous electrical activity in sheep mesenteric lymphatics. Beckett EA, Hollywood MA, Thornbury KD, McHale NG (2007). Lymphat. Res. Biol. 5(1): 29-43

Ca2+ signalling in urethral intersitial cells of Cajal. Sergeant GP, Hollywood MA, McHale NG, Thornbury KD (2006). J. Physiol. 576: 715-20

Pharmacological and molecular characterisation of ultra-fast activating K+ currents in murine portal vein myocytes. Shuk Yin M Yeung, Susumu Ohya, Gerard P Sergeant, Vladimír Pucovsky & Iain A Greenwood (2006). Br J Pharmacol. 2006 Nov;149(6):676-86

Organization and function of ICC in the urinary tract. McHale NG, Hollywood MA, Sergeant GP, Shafei M, Thornbury KT, Ward SM. (2006). J. Physiol. 576: 689-94

Interstitial cells of Cajal in the urethra. Sergeant GP, Thornbury KD, McHale NG, Hollywood MA. (2006). J. Cell Mol. Med. 10(2): 280-91

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Activation of the cGMP/PKG pathway inhibits electrical activity in rabbit urethral interstitial cells of Cajal by reducing the spatial spread of Ca2+ waves. Sergeant G.P., Johnston L., McHale NG. Thornbury KD, Hollywood MA (2006) J. Physiol. 574: 167-81

Origin of spontaneous rhythmicity in smooth muscle. McHale N., Hollywood M., Sergeant G., Thronbury K. (2006). J. Physiol. 570: 23-8

Pacemaker activity in urethral interstitial cells is not dependent on capacitative calcium entry. Bradley E, Hollywood MA, McHale NG, Thornbury KD, Sergeant GP (2005). Am. J. Physiol. (Cell Physiol.) 289(3):C625-32

Calcium oscillations in interstitial cells of the rabbit urethra. L. Johnston, G.P. Sergeant, M.A. Hollywood, K.D. Thornbury and N.G. McHale (2005) J. Physiol. 565 pp 449 - 461

Optimizing low-light microscopy with the back-illuminated electron multiplying CCD: enhanced sensitivity, speed and resolution. Coates et al.. (2004). Journal of Biomedical Optics, 9(6):

Regulation of Kv4.3 current by Ca2+-calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II. Gerard P Sergeant, Gregory C. Amberg, Susumu Ohya, James A. Reihill, Brian A. Perrino, Yuji Imaizumi, Burton Horowitz, Kenton M. Sanders and Sang Don Koh (2005). Am J Physiol (Cell Physiology) 2005 Feb;288(2):C304-13

Modulation of spontaneous Ca2+-activated Cl currents in the rabbit corpus cavernosum by the nitric oxide–cGMP pathway. Craven M, Sergeant GP, Hollywood MA, McHale NG, Thornbury KD. (2004) J. Physiol. 566: pp 495 - 506.

Molecular variants of KCNQ channels are expressed in murine portal vein myocytes: A role in delayed rectifier current. Ohya S, Sergeant GP, Greenwood IA, Horowitz B. (2003). Circ Res. 2003 May 16;92(9):1016-23.

Characterisation of T-type calcium current and its contribution to electrical activity in the rabbit urethra: Bradley JE, Anderson UA, Woolsey SM, Thornbury KD, McHale NG & Hollywood MA (2004). Am. J. Physiol (Cell), 286(5): pages C1078 to 1088.

Back-illuminated electron multiplying technology: the world's most sensitive CCD for ultralow-light microscopy. Colin G. Coates, Donal J. Denvir, Emer Conroy, Noel McHale, Keith Thornbury, Mark Hollywood . (2003). Proc. SPIE, 4962: pages 319 to 328.

T- and L-type Ca2+ currents in freshly dispersed smooth muscle cells from the human proximal urethra: M. A. Hollywood, Siobhan Woolsey, I. K. Walsh, P. F. Keane, N. G. McHale, and K. D. Thornbury . (2003). J.Physiol, 550: pages 753 to 764.

Activation of Ca2+-activated Cl- current by depolarizing steps in rabbit urethral interstitial cells. Hollywood MA, Sergeant GP, McHale NG, Thornbury KD (2003). Am. J. Physiol. (Cell Physiol.) 285: C327-C333.

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Microarray comparison of normal and W/Wv mice in the gastric fundus indicates a supersensitive phenotype. Sergeant GP, Large RJ, Beckett EA, McGeough CM, Ward SM, Horowitz B. (2002) Physiological Genomics. Oct 2; 11(1):1-9.

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Role of IP3 in modulation of spontaneous activity in pacemaker cells of rabbit urethra: Sergeant GP, Hollywood MA, McCloskey KD, McHale NG, Thornbury KD.. (2001).Role of IP3 in modulation of spontaneous activity in pacemaker cells of rabbit urethra.. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol., 280(5): pages C1349 to C1356.

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Specialised pacemaking cells in the rabbit urethra: Sergeant, G.P., McCloskey, K.D., Hollywood, M.A., Thornbury, K.D. & McHale, N.G. . (2001). Specialised pacemaking cells in the rabbit urethra. J. Physiol, 526: pages 359 to 366.

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5-HT inhibits spontaneous contractility of isolated sheep mesenteric lymphatics via activation of 5-HT4 receptors McHale NG, Thornbury KD, Hollywood MA. (2000). Microvasc. Res., 60: pages 261 to 268.

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