Dr. Mary Earle

Position: Centre Manager
Email: info@icbc.ie

Mary EarleI have spent the last ten years working with public and private biotechnology companies in senior management roles and am a co-founder of three technology start-ups. My business experience is from North America, where I was Corporate Director for several private life science companies, and Director for BioTalent Canada, a Sector Council of the Government of Canada. My primary interest and focus is on team building and company creation, operations and entrepreneurship and I enjoy working as a mentor and advisor to young companies and early stage entrepreneurs. My scientific training is well suited to my role at ICBC; my PhD studies involved smooth muscle pharmacology with a focus on combined electrophysiology and fluorescence techniques and post-doctoral studies investigating mechanisms of potassium ion channel gating, all of which resulted in authorship on 5 scientific publications and one book chapter. Following from this I took an MBA focused on Science and Technology at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada and quickly became involved in entrepreneurial ventures.  As Centre Manager at ICBC I have positioned myself to combine my scientific training and expertise with my commercialization goals, and I look forward to building on the world-class research being undertaken here in Dundalk, alongside my colleagues.

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