Dr. Gerard Sergeant

Position: Lecturer
Email: info@icbc.ie

Research Interests

Dr. Gerard Sergeant My main research focus is centred around the cellular mechanisms responsible for pacemaker activity in interstitial cells of Cajal (ICC). These cells were once thought to be uniquely expressed in the gastro-intestinal tract however studies from our lab and others have now reported their expression in range of smooth muscles including the vasculature and the upper and lower urinary tract. We primarily focus on ICC in the urethra. There is now growing evidence that these cells act as electrical pacemakers in the urethra which regulate myogenic tone (Sergeant et al., 2000). Isolated ICC are spontaneously active, developing spontaneous inward currents under voltage clamp and depolarisations in current clamp mode. These events were found to be due to activation of Ca2+ activated Cl- channels by regularly occuring Ca2+ waves (Johnston et al., 2005). The mechanisms responsible for generation of Ca2+ waves in ICC are complex, relying not only on Ca2+ release from intracellular stores via IP3 and ryanodine sensitive channels (Sergeant et al.,, 2001) but also on Ca2+ influx across the plasma membrane, mostly likely via reverse mode Na+ / Ca2+ exchange (Bradley et al., 2006). A recent study also found that this activity is regulated by Ca2+ uptake into mitochondria (et al., 2008) and current studies are aimed at elucidating how these mechanisms interact.

Pacemaker activity in urethral ICC is also regulated by inhibitory and excitatory neurotransmitters. For example the frequency of pacemaker activity is increased by noradrenaline and slowed by nitric oxide (Sergeant et al., 2002 & 2006) respectively. ATP is also known to be an important neurotransmitter in the urethra and studies in our lab are currently investigating the mechanisms underlying ATP regulation of urethral tone.


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